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Jack, Regimental #7742

Retired PSD Jack or otherwise know as, Knucklehead or Ed the Hyena, joins Ned’s Wish after having served with his handler in Regina, Saskatchewan. While serving with the Regina Police Service, Jack helped their Tactical Response Team with multiple arrests.

During his career, Jack was also known to be a tireless tracker.  His excellent ability to track, was only matched by the endless amount of snoring coming from his “office/kennel” during long night shifts when he had to wait for the “green light”.  Smart, who is the knucklehead now?  

Jack, who was born in Kosice, Slovakia, is not only bilingual, but also has webbed feet, which almost disqualified him from being a police dog.  However, the fact that Jack would still go on to serve as police dog, speaks volumes to his exceptional nose, his drive, his instincts, and dedication to his community.   

His human fellow-patrol members miss  Jack’s lighthearted nature and silliness, because Jack’s career was literally ‘cut’ short.  Unfortunately, Ed the Hyena had suffered an Achilles laceration, which led to him having an early retirement.   

Jack hasn’t allowed this setback to affect his already goofy and loving nature.  In his retirement, Jack tracks his way to the local Starbucks and is frequently rewarded with most delicious Pupaccinos.  Also, he now uses his webbed feet to go hiking the local off leash trails.  When asked what he was going to next, Jack said that he might conquer swimming, seeing that he already had an advantage.

Welcome to Ned’s Wish Jack!