Harley, Regimental #1048

Harley, Regimental #1048

Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome Harley!

Harley served his entire 7-year RCMP career in Fort McMurray, AB, specializing in explosives searching. He was very successful at apprehending dangerous criminals but always maintained a caring personality! He was ever the charming representative, bringing a positive energy to regularly attended community and youth events.

PSD Harley eagerly tracked down malicious criminals year after year. On multiple occasions, he aided in taking down repeat break-and-enter offenders and vehicle thieves. In February 2021, PSD Harley tracked two break and enter suspects fleeing from an abandoned stolen vehicle. Despite deep snow and thick bush, PSD Harley’s skills identified a firearm discarded by one of the subjects. After finding the firearm, he continued tracking for another 2.5 kilometers, eventually locating the suspects. When one of them still refused to surrender, PSD Harley was deployed “convince” him to comply with police commands!

PSD Harley didn’t just enjoy intimidating bad guys, he was also frequently relied on to locate missing children. In March 2020, a 2-year old boy wandered away from his home in -27o temperatures. PSD Harley was deployed and led his handler on a track through the neighbourhood. Harley easily found the boy, and after a few licks, handed him over to medical services who returned him to his parents in healthy condition.

PSD Harley has slowed down a bit over the past year, but is still known to act like a puppy at 9 years old! He’s a little less willing to jump up but still gets the zoomies. He’s also a sucker for chest scratches – this high-energy dog completely stops moving and melts in your hands!

PSD Harley is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement in BC’s Lower Mainland. Welcome to Ned’s Wish, Harley, and enjoy your chest-scratches – you deserve them!