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Juice, Regimental 1065

At the beginning of Juice’s career he started off in Nanaimo. He was often chasing the
same individuals as his predecessor Boomer before him. After a period of time, Juice decided
that he was tired of the beautiful picturesque beaches and warm temperatures of southern BC
and decided to venture to the warm summers and frozen winters of Fort St. John. In both
locations, Juice had many accomplishments in the general dog duty profiles. He was part of the
human remains detection profile and saw some of the first operational successes in the

Juice retired early due to a spinal injury sustained at work. He has aggravated the injury
numerous times since he retired. His gate and limp have changed over time but most
importantly he is happy and healthy!
He feels as though he is very much a working dog on vacation in his brain but is slowly
becoming more integrated and familiar into family life. In retirement, Juice spends most of his
days hoarding away Kong balls away from his retired buddy Boomer. He was never too fond of
other dogs prior to Boomer but the two are always found to be in close proximity to one

Juice was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. This
is where several other Police Service Dogs (PSDs) are born and raised! He imprinted in Southern
Alberta and worked operationally in Nanaimo and Fort St. John, British Columbia (BC).