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Taz, Regimental 1002

Taz is known for his large number of successful apprehensions throughout his career. One of his most notable accomplishments involved a high-risk track of two armed suspects that had committed a string of armed robberies throughout Northern Alberta, shot a store clerk, and fled into BC. The crime duo carjacked a civilian and were pursued by Police into a remote rural area. Taz was able to track the suspect for several kilometres after they separated. He located the first suspect laying in wait and the suspect bear-sprayed him at close range. This did not stop Taz. He remained committed and apprehended the first suspect. After being checked over to see if he was okay, Taz immediately went back to work and successfully tracked the second suspect. It was discovered that the suspect was laying an ambush for the pursuing police officers. Taz’ indications allowed the officers to realize this and approach in a safer manner, leading to the apprehension of the second suspect. The proficiency Taz demonstrated was greatly aided with keeping his handler and backup safe while arresting the dangerous criminals. 

Taz has had issues with allergies throughout his life. Daily medications and a monthly injection keep him healthy and comfortable with no other ongoing issues! 

During retirement, Taz has been relaxing with some down time. He loves to lie with his front legs crossed. This makes him look very distinguished. 

Taz was born on August 15, 2015 in Innisfail, Alberta at the Police Dog Service Training Centre! He is fully retired from the RCMP and spent his entire service posted in Prince George, British Columbia (BC). He also worked throughout Northern BC.