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Ned’s Wish™ is a charity organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for retired police and military service dogs by providing financial support for their medical well-being.

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A Society for Retired Police Service Dogs

Ned’s Wish™ is a society committed to supporting law enforcement and the Canadian Armed Forces by providing financial and educational support to enhance the quality of life for their K-9 retirees in Canada. After human police and armed forces officers finish serving their communities, their pension funds support them. Due to the cost of health care for retired police or military dogs, the potential to enjoy retirement can quite literally rest on a dime. If health care costs become too high, a dog’s quality of life can be significantly reduced, or even cut-short.

Ned’s Wish: A Cause for Heroes with Paws

Because the work police and military dogs do is so physically demanding, families who adopt retired police and military dogs can be left with substantial and costly

Who Was Ned?

Like most RCMP police dogs, Ned was born at the Police Service Dog Training Centre (PDSTC) in Innisfail, Alta. on May 21, 2003. In June 2005, he was assigned to Cst. Garfield Henderson of the RCMP Valleyview Detachment in Alberta to be raised in the PDSTC imprinting program. In January 2006, Ned entered formal Police Dog Training and completed the course in just 20 working days and officially began working operationally at Comox Valley, B.C. After five years of dedicated service Ned retired to his forever home.

Never Ending Dedication

Ned’s Wish™ is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for retired police and military dogs by providing financial support for their medical well-being. Who


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Heroes’ Journey


Meet Our Retired Hero PSD Clive

We are BARKING with joy that we get to share with you the journey of our retired hero PSDClive! Clive was born in Innisfail, Alberta, and entered into the Puppy Imprinting program with Cst. Matt Young (Cool side note... Clive started his career with Matt and ended up retiring to have Matt and his wife Leah become...

Brando – Part 7: We all need a little help from our friends

Brando is a social dude, and one of his favourite things is to develop relationships with all the people he meets along the way.  Brando’s family told us he wanted to thank three of those special people who made his stay in Calgary that much more fun. First up, Brando wants...

Brando – Part 6: Radiation Graduation

On January 7, our retired hero Brando completed his radiation treatment and was cleared to come home for good. His mom was working and unable to come pick him up, but a few friends, including the wonderful Ned’s Wish VP Tatiana Alexanian, and Dr Sweet’s team were able to put...

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Canine Geriatric Nutrition

Most of us love to eat and many of our dogs also live by their love of food.  Nutrition is very important for the working dog but it is equally as important upon retirement when they are moving into their senior years.   As we all age our bodies change.  In...

February Newsletter

Dental Care Dogs chew.  Dogs chew a lot of things. It is part of their natural behavior.  My own Golden Retriever likes to chew concrete, any hat (even if it’s on someone’s head!!!) and pretty much any stick he comes across.   Working dogs like to chew like any other dog,...


Pannus is believed to be an immune mediated eye disease that unfortunately can result in blindness if it is not treated.  It is common in retired police dogs.  Pannus is more common and more severe at high altitudes and in areas with significant air pollution. Military working dogs in Afghanistan...

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